Day 27 of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Direction

Today is Day 27 of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and 4 more days till my Birthday!!!

4 is the number of direction.

Which direction will you go?

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” is what I remember from my childhood watching The Incredible Hulk. But the fact is, I did like David Bruce Banner. Even when he turned into the Hulk. I felt for him. I even thought, he could be healed at some point and be able to live a normal life. I could even see myself married to him. I could be the one to help him stay in control. He just needs the right partner. It’s so seductive that kind of thinking. There’s something attractive about the passion, the out of control element, the spontaneity. But the truth is, it’s not anyone’s responsibility to change anyone except that person. Everyone is responsible for themselves. If you want to help people heal, be a doctor, a nurse. If you want to help people, be a social worker, a community organizer. If you want to teach, be a speaker, a professor. You should not be tasked with being the teacher in your relationship. Risking your own life to heal someone that may not want your brand of healing.

While it is true Domestic Violence isn’t about someone having an anger problem (it’s about power and control), anger is one of the tactics they may use to maintain power and control in the relationship. Violence, another.

With that said, “if someone shows you (or tells you)who they are, believe them the first time.” Ms. Maya Angelou continues by saying, “they know themselves better than you do.”

So, if they have shown you who they are, which direction will you go?

Or, as the great philosopher, Lenny Kravitz, once said, “Are you going to go my way?

I am thankful for the direction I now have in my life thanks to God giving me another chance. I could’ve been choked to death.

For my birthday, I’m asking that you would give to my Justice? Or… Just Me? Project. Every donation is tax deductible. It’s to support the work I’m doing to bring awareness to domestic violence. Books, plays, short films, social media content, stand up, speaking, teaching.

I want domestic violence to end.

Links are in my linktree.

National Domestic Violence Hot Line: 800.799.SAFE (7233)








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