Pharmakeia Book Review

Pharmakeia by Michael Douglas Gray

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I was blessed to know the author. Back in 2007, I met Michael through Urban Possibilities, a non-profit agency. It’s through this agency that I performed a ten minute monologue based on my book Justice? Or…Just Me? before it was published. Michael told me about his book Pharmakeia and blessed me with a copy. I remember it being a powerful read back then. I have kept the book with me all this time. Reading it again, now, felt like I was reading it for the first time. I had to be reminded that I did in fact read it in 2009. But it hit differently after being in relationship with someone who was in the throes of addiction. There were times I could hear the demons speaking, as bizarre as that sounds. John Tiersma Watson (jaw1la) made a Tik Tok post about spiritual warfare and addiction and how in the New Testament, it says that sorcery is Pharmacia. “If you’re using drugs, you might be involved with sorcery and not even know it,” he said in his post. I told him that reminded me of my friend’s book Pharmakeia. And with that, he bought a copy and I felt led to read it, again, not remembering at the time I had read it before. And …it hits differently now. Even more powerful because even though this is “fiction” I feel that I am an eyewitness to the spirits.

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