POV’s July Newsletter

Peace Over Violence highlighted me in their July Newsletter.

Justice? Or…Just Me? The Bite Book 1 Now Available on Amazon

The World Premiere Of JUSTICE? OR…JUST ME? THE BITE Will Be at The Hudson Guild Theatre in August

Robey Theatre Company Commissions Five Playwrights – Broadway World, 2021

Rochester, 1996 – Review, 2018

The Willows -LA Weekly Review, 2018

REDCAT STUDIO: Spring 2018

REDCAT Studio – Artillery Mag Events

Cornerstone Community Council Member Testimony

“Lorinda Hawkins, as Emma Glenn, was dressed like the perfect nurturing Godmother every person would love to have in their life. Her performance was endearing, humble and motherly. Red, hot tears filled her eyes during the play many times so that you felt the pain she was going through while trying to be brave and knowing that her godson would be executed soon.” –  Lesson Before Dying – LA Splash Review

Bobby Buck Show – Ladies Take The Mic – Hosted by Suzette Shaw – Domestic Violence Episode – Skid Row Radio (Officer Deon Joseph, Angelina Harper, Lorinda Hawkins)

“Lorinda Hawkins plays Becca and does an excellent job.  Her voice is strong and the manner in which she controls her physical life is superb. As the character, she cares for her clients and wants the best for them. This was really wonderful work.” Love on San Pedro – Joe Straw Review, 2013

Love On San Pedro – This Stage Article, 2013

Skid Row Internet Radio Station at Cornerstone – Love on San Pedro Interview, 2013

Skid Row Internet Radio Station at Cornerstone – Domestic Violence Awareness Interview, 2013

KQED/NPR Interview, 2013

[She points to a video of LAPD’s performance “Utopia/Dystopia” featuring herself and Lorinda Hawkins dueling with vacuum cleaners.]

Utopia/Dystopia – LA Times Article, 2007

Los Angeles Poverty Dept (LAPD) – Utopia/Dystopia @ REDCAT, 2007

Utopia/Dystopia – Getty Images, 2006

The band Reach in 1996

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