The Soloist                   Singing Woman                 Joe Wright
Still…Fighting for the Dream  June                  Carla Dupree Clark
Mama Said                     Shirelle                  Mike Costanza*

Strong Medicine               ER Nurse                 Martha Mitchell
Wayans Bros.                  Mother                    Shelley Jensen
America’s Most Wanted         Lead                       Greg Yaitanes
Living Single                 Waitress                       Jim Drake

Justice? Or Just Me?          Solo Play                 REDCAT Theater
Rochester, 1996               Meta          Hollywood Fringe Festival*
The Willows                   Lena                     Bootleg Theater
Homeward LA                   Temple                  Horror Escape LA
Red Letter Project            Hester                  Illyrian Players
Every 28 Hours Plays          Performer     Watts Village Theater Co.*
Riot/Rebellion                Performer 2    Watts Village Theater Co.
A Lesson Before Dying         Emma Glenn                  Studio Stage
Plumas Negras                 Lullaby Chorus  Cornerstone Theater Co.*

Stand-up                                                 The Ice House
ComedySportz                  Improvisation           Tamarind Theater
Stand-up Showcase                                           The Improv
Subterranean Lounge Lizards   Improv. & Sketch comedy The Comedy Store

Advanced Scene Study                               Kate Randolph-Burns
Piano – Classical                                    Pauline Fairbanks
Vocal – Rock, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Gospel              Joanna Cazden
Comedy Writing                                   Second City Hollywood
Stand-Up                                                   Judy Carter
Dialects: Cockney, Jamaican, Mexican, New York/Brooklyn, South African, 
Southern, Western.
Special Skills: Singing: Alto w/ Soprano belt, Piano: Sight read. 
Can cross eyes, Can wiggle one ear, Can raise one eyebrow.
*Palme d’Or Nomination – Cannes Film Festival Official Selection, 
 Winner- Best Short Film – Turin International Film Festival
*Winner of the Golden Key Award (sponsored by The Speakeasy Society)
*Certificate of Recognition from California Legislative Assembly
*Certificate of Recognition from California Legislative Assembly
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