Lorinda Hawkins Smith Bio

cropped-Headshot.jpgLorinda is a domestic violence survivor, Violence Prevention Specialist (Peace Over Violence), advocate, actor, writer, singer, musician, and  comedian.

While transitioning from homeless to housed, she completed the Master’s program gaining her MBA from the University of Phoenix where she truly feels like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Her first love is theater being in her first play in elementary school where she was the lead. Lorinda was first bit by the bug when she was a child model posing for print ads. 1546830856001

Then came piano lessons, glee club and more plays.

“Smeraldina” – “Servant of Two Masters”

In the 90’s, Lorinda had small roles in TV (Living Single, Wayans Bros) and full-time work with educational theater companies.

In the late 90’s – early 2000’s, her life changed drastically. She lost her mom tragically and her father became a missing person. Lorinda sought solace in a dysfunctional marriage which almost cost her life.

She attributes God for her escape. Bouts of homelessness followed the separation and divorce. She now is on her feet, fighting to be heard – not just for herself but for the injustices of others.

Lorinda was recently part of Studio at Roy and Edna Disney at Cal Arts Theater (REDCAT) where she was able to perform her mini one woman show, “Justice? Or Just Me?” She is currently speaking to groups, performing, and leading workshops usually followed by Q & A.

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