Turning the Corner

The theme for the 134th Rose Parade was “Turning the Corner.” Out of all of the years being from Pasadena and going to the Rose 🥀 Parade, never before did I have such amazing seats as this year. I love a parade. But there was something different about this year’s Rose Parade. I don’t know if it was because it’s been 3 years after 2020, if it was because this was the first parade I’ve been to since 2020 or because the Clergy Community Coalition (CCC) physically prayed for the parade this year in the rain.

Maybe it was because of all of these things that there was a joy on that parade route that was palpable. A joy I couldn’t help to express in a very loud fashion that may have offended a certain person sitting next to me 😅

I truly felt like, “this joy that I have, the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.” I wanted everybody who took the time and effort to be part of the parade to know how much I appreciated them. If only through a loud encouraging cheer.

I wanted the school from Taiwan to know how much I appreciated them getting on a plane to travel to little ole Pasadena for this parade.

I wanted everyone to know, from the amount of time it took to practice and choreograph dance moves, to the song selections, and execution of the instrumentalists, that I see you! I appreciate you! And if that’s manifested in only me loudly clapping 👏🏾, I hope you receive my humble offering.

To the hours that the volunteers took in painstakingly preparing all of the floats. To the tournament of roses team in all the work they have done. To the Rose Parade Court that had the courage to audition to be part of the court. And to the ones who weren’t chosen, I still appreciate you and see you and cheer loudly for you.

It could’ve rained on my parade but it didn’t. It was absolutely beautiful. My bike could’ve got stolen and it didn’t 🙌🏾 And Pastor Sylvester could’ve asked someone other than me to sit where I sat. It truly felt like a new beginning.

Maybe this is just what “Turning the Corner,” feels like.


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